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aSkill Education has become a buzzword in Higher Education scenario today. Higher Education is on the threshold of being revamped towards Skill Development programmes and courses.

With the implementation of the Maharashtra Public Universities Act, 2016 and a paradigm shift in the focus and policy of the regulatory authorities like HRD ministry and UGC, it is beyond any doubt that Higher Education is all set to go beyond the traditional patterns in terms of curriculum as well as teaching methodology.

Skill education has become the need of the time for the revitalization and for enhancing the Relevance of higher education
Our college took first step in skill-based career-oriented courses in 2010 with the establishment of self-funded Aishwarya Centre for Skill Orientated Courses. It has now transformed into the School of Skill Development offering diploma, advanced diploma >> Read More 

"The Vision of the Institution is to work for women’s social and economic empowerment through education and skill
development and to emancipate them from the shackles of age old societal bondages by making them independent and self-esteemed to meet the Glocal challenges."

"The Mission of the Institution fraternity is to aim at an overall educative experience for women than just academic pursuits."