•   To develop soft skills and personality of our students.
  •   To arrange guest lecturers to create awareness about various competitive exams.
  •   To make placement opportunities available to students.
  •   To create and develop the entrepreneurial awareness among students.

For achieving above goals & objectives committee conducts various activities as follows:

  •  Expert lectures
  •  Workshops
  •  Ruchira
  •  Handicraft Exhibition(Open to public)
  •  Entrepreneurial Development Programmes etc..


An expert lecturer, Mrs. Ratna Kadke, was invited to shed some light on the topic “Pricing & Marketing Skills”. In which she explained various business skills & taught students that only having these skills is not enough but correct pricing is also very important for being a successful business person.

Handicraft Exhibition (2-3-4 Oct 2012)

(Hon. Chief Guests of the event, Prin. Avinashji Kate, Ojaswini Institute, Jalgaon, Prof. Dr. Madhulika Sonawane (Ex-student), Institute of management, NMU, Jalgaon, Mrs. Swati Wani(Ex-student), admiring the art of participating students)

The committee organizes, a three day, open to public, exhibition with an aim of developing a “learn to earn” skill among the students. In this event, students are encouraged to display & sell their handmade or readymade products with the sole purpose of learning business skills practically. Total 85 students had participated in the activity and received a very spontaneous response from public. This activity helps to develop personality development skills, communication skills and marketing skills of students


Career Guidance Seminar for students