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About Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education was established in 1984. Department has been awarded Best Women’s College in Sports for Nine times. Students of the department actively participates in various sports at university, state, national as well as international level. Faculty of the department have presented total 15 research papers in conferences/journals/seminars and have attended 09 conference/seminar/workshops. Department is well equipped with the state-of-the art sports and gymnastics facilities. To make the students competent in this competitive world Department organizes various activities like guest lectures, training programs, various sports events, etc. 

Physical Education Department Faculty

Dr. Anita Avinash Kolhe

Assistant Professor

Qualified M.A., M. PEd, Ph. D., and 18 years of teaching experience.

Infrastructure :-

Sr. No. Name of the Instrument/ Equipment
1 Multi Gym Station
2 Jogger
3 Roller
4 Dumbbell bar Stand
5 Parallel Bar Adjustable
6 Massage Roller
7 Vibrator Belt
8 Horse Rider
9 Roman Chair
10 Horizontal Bar
11 Abdominal Board Conditional
12 Vertical leg press
13 Neck Conditioner
14 Butter Fly Deck
15 Weight Lifting Set (65 Kg.)
16 Twister
17 Dumbbells (1 Kg.)
18 Trademill – Semi commercial
19 Gym Ball 75 cm & 8 cm
20 Electrical Cross Trainer
21 Single Station Multi Gym Unit
22 Leg Curl & Leg Extension
23 Aerobic Step Giant Big 90 x 32  x 28 cm
24 Elliptical Trainer
25 Flag Stand
26 Umpire Chair
27 Judo Mat
28 Table Tennis Robot
29 High Jump Pit



Conference/Seminar/Workshop attended and Books, Research Papers published:
Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Conference/Seminar/Workshop Attended Paper Presented Paper Published Books Published
1 Dr. Anita AvinashKolhe 09 09 6

List of Publications

Sr. No. Title of Paper Authors Journal Year IF/ISSN



A Study A effect of Six Week Training Programme on selected motor fitness component of young softball players. Dr. Anita Kolhe Kaav International Journal of Arts, Humanities & Social. Sci. 2016 ISSN 2348-4349

MadhyamicShalamadhilSharirikShikshan v KridaVishyak



Dr. Anita Kolhe

A Multidisciplinary International

Level Journal

April 2011 ISSN-2230-9578

Recaent trend in Physical edu.& Sports


Dr. Anita Kolhe International 5 to July 2012  

Physical edu.Sports , Science , Medician , Naturopathy , Yoga ,Sports Law…..


Dr. Anita Kolhe National 26 to 27 July  
5 Inter Disiplinary Dr. Anita Kolhe National 22- March-14  
6 Multi Dsiplinaryconginitive Process in Sports Dr. Anita Kolhe National 01 Jan-15  

Sports psychology


Dr. Anita Kolhe National 18 to 19 March 17  
8 Comparative and Multidisciplinary Studies in social and Sports Science Dr. Anita Kolhe International 17 to 18 jan 15 ISBN 978-         93-84267-04- 9        volume-11
9 Study of effect of Six Week training programme on selected motor fitness component of young softball Players Dr. Anita Kolhe International 2016  

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